Monday, January 17, 2011

Be very Careful

She has many masks, but the one that she prefers is that of glamorous; the fact is that she looks like a very valuable, great treasure, best than gold. If you give her time, she convinces you, she traps you with her threads and handles you as a marionette, manipulates you as a bicycle, in other words, she does what she wants. But, why did you believe her? Because you let her be, because she induces, seduces you, because you can only see her mask. I will tell you something: the one who falls down in her claws, in a sad way, allows to be controlled, deceived, robbed not only of money but of time, faith and intention.

Be careful, you will feel very bad if she wraps you up, because you will become the perfect paper where she will write, where she will clean her hands and mouth and then, she will dump you to the floor and once on the floor, she will stamp on you. Then, she will remove her mask and will laugh at you. Be very careful and don't allow yourself to fall into her complicity.

Who is she? Hypocrisy.

-Author and Artist: Oscar Basurto Carbonell

Monday, November 8, 2010


Mornings become gray, poetry cry and hurt, flowers wither and love do not last, all that last is a chain of thorns, that as much as you try to remove them, they embrace you more, they go deeper and thorns, blood and your skin, mix, and you no longer know what to do because you became a bloody thorn and now you are more than bitterness, you lost sanity, the sense of pleasure, the stars will fall to the ground and illusions as butterflies facing fire, will burn their wings and will no longer fly. There is no life here, only sadness, the happiness that you will never taste.

This is the signal of the spirit where apathy is born, the coldest night, the most absolute distrust. The demon of discouragement, its name is legion, and is in front of you, as fallen angel, pretending to accompany and take you in but as soon as he comes closer, he will bury his claws in your heart and he will never leave you.

Move away because he will deceive and captivate you. Move away from him

-Art and Teachings to nourish your soul, based on the works of Oscar Basurto Carbonell

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Friday, October 29, 2010

The Doors of Hell

What could take us to hell if it would exist? How would it be? Are the souls burning there? Are they cursing the Creator? Are they being punished? Well, I would say that it is a little of everything but what I think is most appropriate, is that is a place free of veils and appearances, where one has to live with oneself and also with very similar aspects. Let's take a look into that hell.

A very obvious lady lives in the first door, in a very hot environment, but let's knock the door and let's ask for something simple. Let's knock the door now:
-Good morning. This is a warm place. Can you offer us a glass of water, please.?
The lady came out and we could see that the place was full of fountains of water, crystalline, pure and refreshing water. But when we looked at the lady, we noticed that she was breathless and with dry lips.
- I do not offer water to anybody, and I am very thirsty. How can I offer you what I do not have? She said.
- Oh, do not worry, we said and we know now, the reason why she is in hell.
To finish with this door, we asked her:
- Excuse me, what is your name?


-Author and Artist: Oscar Basurto Carbonell